Public website

What is BBMRI-NL’s public website 

The website contains information for patients and other interested people about biobanks and biobank research. It is currently being reviewed and edited.

Why BBMRI-NL’s public website

In response to the advice from the Patient and Public Advisory Council (December 2017), the website is being renewed. The aim of the website is to invite citizens and patients to actively support research. For example, by asking questions about research and/or finding answers to personal questions. The website will also provide people with information about joining research projects.

The website will contain at least the following information:

  1. General information on biobanks and data infrastructure and how they support personalized medicine research to show the public what is happening in the field. This is especially insightful when biobank infrastructure and biobanking research emerges in the media.
  2. The website offers a platform to support many (smaller) initiatives and campaigns. We invite patient organizations and biobanks to redirect their members or donors to the information on the website, once it’s updated.

Intended users

The website is currently being edited to serve as an information platform for patients and other interested people. The website will be in Dutch.


In the second quarter of 2019, the website will be reopened containing up to date information.

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