Collector items that help treating rare lung disease

The ILD Biobank stores tissue of patients with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) for scientific research to find treatment. Fifteen years of collecting body material and data from patients, it is most likely the biggest in the world, situated in the old swimming pool of the St. Antonius Hospital. And it is leading to results.

Mutual understanding is key.

"It is important for researchers to listen to citizens and patients and learn where they have given their consent for and what they find important to study with their biomaterials" - Huig Schipper helps prepare talking with the physician

“Thanks to, I am well prepared to talk with the physician” - Aaike van Oord

Help with sustainable biobanking

“Because of this workshop I decided to invest more in sustainable biobanking.” - Dr. Peggy Manders

Living happily with a hip replacement or not?

Why can some people happily live their lives with an artificial hip for a very long time and others cannot? To help finding the answer to these kind of questions, BBMRI-NL can help.

Prof. dr. Daphne de Jong

"Without the PALGA Portal, we would never have managed to get those 50 rare cases dispersed over more than 20 pathology labs”.

Prof. dr. Folkert van Kemenade

“We aimed to make the exchange of pathology material efficient and safe; on top of that the PALGA Portal has also provided insights in the number of paraffin blocks that are used for research”.