Sustainable Biobanking

“Sustainability is [a biobank’s] capacity to remain operative, effective, and competitive over its expected lifetime.”  
OECD Global Science Forum 2017

What is BBMRI-NL’s Series on Sustainable Biobanking?

BBMRI-NL has made a Series on Sustainable Biobanking, combining current knowledge from literature, workshops, and focus groups. The Series contains an infographic with nine recommendations to make your biobank more sustainable; and includes additional practical tools, examples, and background information.

Why BBMRI-NL’s Series on Sustainable Biobanking?

To become sustainable, a biobank has to balance its financial, social, and operational dimensions. Despite increased interest in the topic over the past ten years, effective strategies for sustainable biobanking are still unavailable. As each biobank is different, one-size-fits-all solutions are difficult to find. Through this Series we aim to provide handholds and inspiration for biobanks, to help them find solutions that fit their individual situation. In addition, increased attention for and knowledge on sustainability will help the field move forward.

Intended users

Individual biobanks, biobanking professionals, researchers aiming to start a biobank.

The BBMRI-NL Series on Sustainable Biobanking:

  • Sustainable Biobanking: The Financial Dimension
    A literature review on the financial side of sustainable biobanking, providing background information on topics such as costs, funding, biobank business models, stakeholders, public-private partnerships, and biobank value.
  • Good Practices in Sustainable Biobanking: A Case Study Analysis
    An analysis of 22 biobank case studies published between 2014 and 2018, identifying good practices for sustainability.
  • Business Tools for Biobanks
    An overview of useful business tools you can directly apply to making your biobank more sustainable
  • Report of the BBMRI-NL Workshop: Sustainable sample/data infrastructures
    Three workshops organised in 2018 with 22 biobanking professionals on biobank value; individual challenges and best practices; and underlying causes for a lack of sustainability.
  • Perspectives and Challenges of Dutch Biobank Users: A Focus Group Study [in preparation]
    The results of four focus groups with Dutch biobank users from both academia and industry, providing insight in their experiences, challenges, and expectations.